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Altman Focusing CYC
Product ID : U-S- (Altman) Focusing CYC
Clay Paky Alpha Beam 700
Product ID : U-A- (Clay Paky) Alpha Beam 700
Features: •MiniFast-Fit 700W discharge lamp •The first and original 700...
Coemar Infinity Wash XL
Product ID : U-A- (Coemar) Infinity Wash XL
ETC Expression 2x
Product ID : U-C- (ETC) Expression 2x
Features: •Preset style operation •1536 DMX dimmers/attributes •100...
Martin Mac 600 NT
Hot Deal
Product ID : C-A- (Martin) Mac 600 NT
This is a clearance item with a 48 hour warranty.
Various XLR 24' 3 Pin Cable
Product ID : U-CA- (Various) XLR 24' 3 Pin Cable